Leadership Development

Session V - Faculty and Student Development – Developing Support Systems

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Focusing on recognizing the need for additional student support development programs and current practices in faculty performance trackers, the fifth session in the IVI Online Series for Institutional Development was conducted on 26 November 2015.
Facilitated by Ms Helen Dalton, Education Consultant, Brien Holden Vision Institute Academy; Optometry School Heads from nine schools attended the session.

During her session, Ms Dalton listed the factors that can reinforce quality education at an Optometry school. The participants also learnt how quality education can be promoted using the presage, process and product method. She also spoke on how student supporting services can be developed by dedicating an advisor, maintaining a learning centre and providing them with psychological and counseling services.

“Many thanks for the opportunity to contribute to your wonderful Institutional Development program. It was a privilege, but more importantly, I hope it was useful.”- Helen Dalton, Education Consultant, Brien Holden Vision Institute Academy.

IVI acknowledges the support of Brien Holden Vision Institute Foundation and Optometry Giving Sight in funding the program.