Who we are

About India Vision Institute

India Vision Institute (IVI) is a not-for-profit nongovernmental organization (NGO) with the vision to Augment Primary Eye Care Capacity of India. This we do by providing access to primary eye care for underprivileged and rural Indians and through advancing the optometry sector, awareness generation, capacity building, advocacy, and leadership development.

For prevention of avoidable blindness, we work through timely intervention in providing access to vision screenings and free spectacles in disadvantaged communities and remote areas. Our Eye See & I Work and Eye See & I Learn campaigns reach constituencies where services are lacking and most required – notably adults and children.

IVI has undertaken over 2000 vision screening programs in 22 states across India. Over 700,000 individuals from the underprivileged communities have been screened and free spectacles distributed to 150,000 individuals.

Optometrists are in the frontline of vision care services delivery. IVI works to upgrade their skills and build capacity as well as equip them to cope with challenges in their careers. Till now, IVI has conducted 350 capacity building workshops and seminars, 53 research grants, 17 travel grants, and 2 higher education scholarships benefitting around 10,000 optometry professionals, including practitioners, educators, and students. We organise online advocacy, talks, panel discussions, education, skill enhancement, and leadership development programs. Our collaboration with over 50 institutes for programs has covered 20 states and three union territories.

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