Higher Education and Scholarships

Grants and scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students in Optometry are provided to encourage innovative research in eye care and to ensure India sees qualified eye care specialists who will help in improving the quality of eye care education.

» Fellowships and Residency Programs

IVI supports full time certified Clinical Fellowships and Residency Programs to enable Optometry graduates in assuming a clinical practice confidently and competently. These programs provide real-time clinical opportunities to Optometrists to develop the necessary knowledge and skills, gain insight into the role and scope of practice and hone valuable quantifiable traits.  

•   Advanced Training in Contact Lenses to Establish a Thriving Contact Lens Practice in Secondary Centers

•   Short Term Fellowship for Optometrists in Diabetic Retinopathy - Round 1

» Student Research Grants

Student research grants are provided to support optometry students willing to pursue research projects, as part of their academic curriculum. Innovative project ideas with potential to contribute to the development of optometry as a discipline are supported.  

•   Student Research Grants 2017-2018

•   Student Research Grants 2016-2017

•   Student Research Grants 2015-2016

•   Student Research Grants 2014-2015

•   Student Research Grants 2013-2014

» PhD Scholarships

Sponsored by JSW Foundation, Ms Jyothi Thomas of Manipal University received the scholarship for the year 2013-14 for her PhD research titled “Development of a protocol for screening visual impairment in children aged 3 to 6 years”.

Sponsored by Lawrence & Mayo, scholarship for the year 2014-15was awarded to Ms Valarmathi Arunachalam from Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai for her PhD research titled “Efficacy of coloured filters on the environmental perception, social behaviour and reading ability of children with autism spectrum disorder”.