Mission, Strategy & Values

  • Augment Primary Eye Care Capacity of India.
    Our Strategy:
  • IVI’s Strategic Programs and focus over the next five years will be to:
  • 1.Address the human resource needs of the Primary Eye Care Sector
  • 2.Provide continuing education and support research for the upgradation of Optometry
  • 3. Ensure equity in access and availability of vision care services and spectacles for every Indian
  • 4. Advocate for good eye health practices to help prevent avoidable blindness
  • 5. Be a Thought Leader for the eye care sector
  • 6. Assist sustainable development of the Indian ophthalmic industry to provide good vision care
  • 7. Focus on eliminating Uncorrected Refractive Error from India by 2050
  • 8. Support sustainable development goals to build a healthier world for the entire population and the environment by 2030.
  • 1.We follow best practices.
  • 2. Our staff are our best asset. We believe in their development and well-being.
  • 3. We believe in unbiased services and reaching out to all, irrespective of their age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, economic background or geographical position.
  • 4. Safeguarding children’s rights and to ensure their protection and well-being while providing services.