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Better sight for 10 crore Indians says Ollie the Optometrist

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As part of India Vision Institute’s second anniversary events, Ollie the Optometrist kicked off a national eye care awareness campaign that will assist 10 Crore Indians in getting to enjoy life and be productive by just getting a pair of glasses. 

The Wizard of Oz Show, a popular Australian theatre group, has created a new character Ollie the Optometrist. Ollie will serve as a mascot for Optometry and Eye Care awareness and was launched on 3 October 2013, by the Australian High Commissioner to India, Mr Patrick Suckling, in the presence of Mr David Holly, Australian Consul General for South India, Prof Brien Holden, CEO of Brien Holden Vision Institute, Dr G N Rao, Chairman of L V Prasad Eye Institute and Mr Vinod Daniel, CEO of India Vision Institute. 

“A pair of glasses is less than three days wage even for a person on minimum wages and will provide many Indians who struggle with uncorrected refractive error a better quality of life just through providing them an ability to see,” said Vinod Daniel, CEO India Vision Institute. He added that “India needs 110,000 Optometrists and currently we have about 45,000. This campaign will also highlight Optometry as a rewarding career to high school students.” 

The Australian High Commissioner to India Mr Patrick Suckling commended the efforts of Indian Vision Institute in dealing with uncorrected refractive error in India. 

“The Wizard of Oz Show has been performed more than 3500 times around the globe and for the first time the Oz Gang will be joined down this yellow brick road by their good friend Ollie the Optometrist, who brings home the important messages of eye care and hygiene in a fun and memorable way,” said Brian Laul, Director of The Wizard of Oz Show. 

85% of people worldwide needing eye care have preventable blindness, including about 10 crore Indians. For many, a pair of glasses will fix their problem and assist them continue working in a job or with their daily routine. This issue costs India nearly 260 crore rupees every year in lost productivity. 

India Vision Institute, a joint initiative of the Brien Holden Vision Institute, Australia, and the LV Prasad Eye Institute, India, supports research, education and technological development in vision correction, eye disease and blindness prevention. IVI acknowledges financial support for this tour from Carl Zeiss, Optometry Giving Sight and the Australian Consulate General, Chennai. 

For further information about IVI, please visit; or contact: Vinod Daniel, CEO, India Vision Institute; Mobile: +91 78939 85353