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CEO's Message

At India Vision Institute we are committed to making a difference to the lives of a hundred million people in India affected by uncorrected refractive error and costing the country thousands of crores of rupees in lost productivity. Preventing 'preventable' blindness through timely intervention of qualified Optometrists remains a key priority for IVI. 

Over the next decade, IVI will create a strong global foothold for the Indian vision industry and assist in the development of the necessary human resources that will enable every Indian to gain accessible and affordable eye care. This would be achieved through increasing awareness about Optometry, building stronger Optometry educational programs, upskilling Optometry and eye care professionals and assisting the professional setup for Optometry in India.

Through its outreach activities IVI will coordinate a national eye health screening program for over ten million Indians as part of the global "Our Children's Vision Campaign" as well as the twin national IVI campaigns, Eye See & I Learn and Eye See & I Work. 

All our work in meeting the challenge of vision impairment in India would not be possible without the support of our collaborators and partners, including major eye care organizations, optometry professional bodies, the corporate sector, government and philanthropists.

Vinod Daniel