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Practical Dispensing - Part III

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The concluding seminar of the three-part online seminar on Paediatric Dispensing was presented by Ms Anitha Arvind, ASCO Regional Representative (MP) and faculty at Amity University, on 28 March. 

In her presentation Ms Arvind focussed on Spectacle frame considerations like crest height, frontal angle and measurements. She also discussed special features of a frame for children, ideal frame shapes and facial measurements while dispensing for paediatric population. Visuals shared by Ms Arvind during her talk were very useful for the students. 

Seventh in the IVI Online Seminar Series launched on 16th August 2013; the seminar received outstanding response from over 350 students and faculty from 13 Optometry institutions across India. 

"Paediatric Dispensing talk by Ms Anitha Arvind was very useful for students. It was also an opportunity for the faculty to revise and update knowledge in Dispensing. Thanks to IVI for organising the sessions so well" - Phani Krishna Athreya, Lecturer, Amity Medical School. 

"Thank you so much for the valuable presentation. It was very informative. The students found it quite useful for their current studies." - Durga Kumaresh, Principal, Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Institute of Medical Sciences & Research. 

IVI acknowledges the support of Brien Holden Vision Institute Foundation and Optometry Giving Sight in funding the program.