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Mini Scleral Lenses

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The ninth seminar in IVI Online Seminar Series was presented by Dr Meena Kharat (MBBS, BSc. Honours, FIACLE) Primary eye care and Contact lens practitioner- Dr Parikshit Gogate’s eye clinic, Pune on Mini Scleral Lenses. 

Dr Kharat’s session focused on the terminology used in scleral lenses, indications, zones of scleral lenses, fitting and judging, insertion and removal of lenses and much more. The session drew to a close with a summary and discussion among the participants. 

The participants witnessed an exquisite compilation of real OPD pictures along with case studies used as examples. About 300 students pursuing bachelors and masters in Optometry from across 7 optometry institutions participated in the seminar held on 26 September. 

“The online session on Mini scleral lenses was excellent. I would suggest having a live demonstration of wearing, removal and fitting view through slit lamp in order to make the session even more interesting.” - S. Gopala Krishnan, Principal, Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Institute of Optometry, Pammal 

“Over 20 students attended the session on Mini scleral lenses from our institute. The topic was excellent. The session improved our knowledge in this sector. All our doubts were cleared at the end of the program.” – Paras Desai, Lecturer, Harijyot College of Optometry, Navsari 

“It was an orientation lecture for B.Opt 3rd year students about scleral lenses, a gaining experience for M.Opt 1st year students, who go to know the indications, insertion & removal techniques of scleral lenses and a good revision for 2nd year M.Opt students. The session was very well organized by India Vision Institute.” – Phani Krishna Athreya, Lecturer, Dept of Optometry & Vision Sciences, Amity University, Gurgaon. 

IVI acknowledges the support of Brien Holden Vision Institute Foundation and Optometry Giving Sight in funding the program.