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Evidence Based Glaucoma Practice-Role of Optometry – Part I

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An online seminar on ‘Evidence Based Glaucoma Practice-Role of Optometry’ was presented by Dr. Ramesh S.Ve, Associate Professor at School of Allied Health Sciences, Manipal University. Over 150 students from optometry institutions across the country attended the seminar online. 

Twelfth in the IVI Online Seminar Series, the seminar is being offered in two sessions. The first seminar conducted on 5 December focused on understanding glaucoma, definitions and classification, comprehensive ophthalmic examination, epidemiology of glaucoma, and the ISGEO classification. 

“Starting from the basics made the B.Optom 3rd semister students oriented to the glaucoma topic which they are about to study. Dr. Ramesh S.Ve with his experience in this field is the right person to talk about the role of an Optometrist. Practice management, treatment modalities and the updates of newer management techniques can be included to the next session.”- Mr. Phani Krishna Athreya, Assistant Professor, Amity University, Gurgaon 

Funding for the program was kindly provided by ‘Brien Holden Vision Institute Foundation’ in association with ‘Optometry Giving Sight’.