Continuous Professional Development

Session VI - Latest Designs in Rose-K Lenses

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Addressing Contact lens education requirements among Optometry professionals, the 6th online seminar was held on 5 November. Professor Monica Chaudhry – Professor and Head, Department of Optometry and Vision Science, Amity Medical School, Gurgaon gave a one hour talk followed by questions from the participants.

The seminar was attended by Optometry professionals including practitioners, educators and postgraduate students across the country as well as one participant from Nepal. Professor Monica provided information about different designs of Rose-K lenses; Rose-K2, Rose-K2 (NC, IC, PG), Ideal fitting techniques, ACT technology, care and maintenance of Rose-K lenses including a few case specific examples with handling and insertion procedure. She also discussed the latest designs in Rose-K2 lenses; Rose-K2 XL and Rose-K2 Peripheral toric (TP) and their fitting techniques.