Continuous Professional Development

Session VII - Accommodative Spasm: A Clinical Spectrum from Ugly to Beautiful

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The seventh online seminar for Optometry professionals was conducted on 2 December, 2016. The one hour talk was delivered by Dr Premnandhini Satgunam, MS, PhD, Associate Optometrist – Research at LVPEI, Hyderabad. The topic of the session was “Accommodative spasm: A clinical spectrum from ugly to beautiful”

The seminar was attended by Optometry professionals including practitioners, educators and postgraduate students across the country. Dr Premnandhini discussed accommodative dysfunctions - types and its prevalence in India, as well as etiology and management strategies for accommodative spasm. She also presented few case specific examples which focused on the clinical spectrum from ugly to beautiful in patients diagnosed with accommodative spasm.
The session was well received and highly appreciated by all the participants.

IVI acknowledges the support of 'Brien Holden Vision Institute Foundation' and 'Optometry Giving Sight' in funding the program