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Vision and Occupation - Hyderabad

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A two-day workshop on Vision and Occupation was organized at IVI, Hyderabad on 22 & 23 November. Dr. James Sheedy, who is widely recognized for his work in Vision ergonomics and currently the Director of the Vision Performance Institute and professor of optometry at Pacific University, facilitated the workshop. About 30 optometric educators, practitioners and researchers from 16 optometry institutes across India attended the workshop. 

This workshop was designed to provide tools and knowledge to teach a course on the topic of Vision and Occupation. The workshop focused on a range of topics including eye injuries, sunglasses and laser protection, vision and computers and occupational task analysis, etc. The workshop also provided an opportunity for participants to apprise themselves of latest developments in Occupational Optometry.        

“Varied subjects were covered in detail. It was great to know stuff from different perspectives. This workshop will also improve my counseling skill as I can speak to my clients from a better point of view” – Ms Preksha Joshi, Vision Express, Mumbai.        

“All topics covered in the workshop were very relevant to practice and we gained how we can implement these to improve our practice as well as subject satisfaction’’- Mr. Gopal Varshney, Vision Express, Bangalore.      

“It provides more practical approach which is useful while dealing with patients and also different aspects about the subject” – Ms. Vidula Prasad Patil, Laxmi College of optometry, Panvel.