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Optometry in India: opportunities, challenges and way forward

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Conference on “Optometry in India: opportunities, challenges and way forward” was organized at IVI Hyderabad on 3 October 2013 to mark IVI’s second anniversary.            

National and international leaders in optometry and eyecare including Dr GN Rao, Prof Brien Holden, Prof Kovin Naidoo, Dr Ramesh S Ve, Ms Lakshmi, Mr Vivek Mendonsa and Mr Arun Nagraj spoke at the conference.          

Broadcasted live through Webex, the conference was accessed by about 300 individuals including students from 10 optometry institutions from across the country.          

The conference also provided a platform for the launch of Ollie the Optometrist – a specially commissioned character in the Wizard of OZ show, to create awareness about the important role of optometry in eye care.