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IVI’s innovative approach to provide eye glasses to children in remote areas

An innovative approach to vision screening and provision of eye glasses to children in remote
areas by India Vision Institute (IVI) is expected to make a revolutionary change in addressing
avoidable blindness in India.
“The approach envisages providing easy, ready-to-wear clip-on spectacles almost immediately
following a screening,” said IVI CEO Vinod Daniel.
In a first for IVI, 5500 children will benefit from Ready2Clip eye glasses across the country
following vision screening programs. This initiative is part of the collaboration between IVI and
Essilor Vision for Life.
At the launch today by the IVI CEO at CSI’s MRC Home Anbu Illam on Blake High School Road,
Thanjavur, around 70 students were screened in the presence of Sanjay Umashankar, CEO,
Svatma, Thanjavur.
“These eye glasses make the waiting period following screenings almost negligible with
beneficiaries getting a same-day delivery of glasses especially in remote locations.” Mr Daniel
“The clip-on glasses will not only ensure on-the-spot delivery of spectacles but also lead to
addressing vision problems faster, thereby contributing to better compliance and
comprehension of visual outcomes by beneficiaries.”
"Till date, IVI has conducted 422 vision screening programs in and around Chennai and other
cities in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Gujarat,
Pondicherry, West Bengal, New Delhi, Haryana and Mizoram. Over 1, 76, 376 individuals in
underprivileged communities (including over 1, 28, 549 children) have been screened and free
spectacles distributed to 22, 813 individuals (including 11, 984 children)," Mr Daniel added. 
The vision screenings being undertaken in Thanjavur are supported by the Essilor Vision for Life
‘Our Children’s Vision Eyeglass Provision Program’ and Svatma, Thanjavur.
About India Vision Institute 
India Vision Institute (IVI) is an independent, not-for-profit registered trust established in 2012.
It is focused on supporting and promoting eye health awareness, research, education and
technological development in Indian Optometry to advance capacity in vision correction, and
prevention of eye disease and blindness. (  )
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