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Primary eye care will benefit from focused vision science research

A symposium hosted by India Vision Institute (IVI) discussed cutting edge vision science innovation and research that can lead to better and improved vision care products.  

The two-day ‘Indian Vision Science Symposium’ saw some 22 leading scientists from India and across the world speak on areas such as Optics of the eye, Visual processing in the retina, Early visual pathways in the brain, Sensory processing of visual information, Higher level vision - Attention and Cognition, Oculomotor behaviour, and Applied vision science. It showcased the interdisciplinary nature of vision science and demonstrated that the future of vision science research to improve the quality of eye health care of 10 crore Indians and to address emerging threats such as Myopia is bright.\"

IVI\'s CEO Vinod Daniel said \"it is the first-ever primary eye care related symposium with a focus on the Optometry sector and will better place India on all aspects of Primary Eye Health Care in the coming years.” aims to encourage research that will lead to better products in the market and newer and improved solutions for the treatment of health challenges that lie ahead for India.”

\"In April this year, an IVI-initiated symposium, Resmeet 2021, identified the need, and made the call, to galvanize Indian Vision Science Research to better deliver eye health services.\"  “Additionally, IVI has also constituted a Vision Science Research Taskforce with eminent Indian vision science researchers and educators as members to find solutions and recommend ways to overcome the barriers to the advancement of vision science research in India,” he noted.

The symposium, July 24 & 25, launched with opening remarks by Dr GN Rao, Founder-Chair, LVPEI, Yvonne Holden, wife of pioneer vision science luminary scientist the late Professor Brien Holden, and IVI\'s CEO Vinod Daniel. Key speakers and moderators included Dr Aishwaryah Radhakrishnan, Dr Allison McKendrick, Dr Amithavikram Hathibelagal, Dr Ann Elsner, Dr Apurva Ratan Murty, Dr Arijit Chakraborty, Dr Carla Abbott, Deepmala Mazumdar, Dr Jay Neitz, Dr Jaikishan Jayakumar, Dr Jeremy Wolfe, Dr Michael Webster, Neeraj Singh, Dr Pavan Verkicharla, Dr Premnandhini Satgunam, Dr Rajkumar Raveendran, Dr Revathy Mani, Dr Richa Verma, Dr Shonraj Ballae Ganeshrao, Dr Shrikant Bharadwaj, Dr S P Arun, Dr Trichur Vidyasagar, and Dr Yamni Mohan.

\"We acknowledge the role played by LVPEI’s Dr Shrikant Bharadwaj in developing the symposium in association with IVI and several top institutions of learning in India. The Symposium includes some 25 sessions with over 25 speakers from India and abroad.  This could not have been possible without the support of Carl Zeiss India,\" said Mr Daniel.

\"Since our inception in 2012, IVI has helped promote vision science research through grants, support for PhDs and research methodology workshops.\" \"We hope this symposium should help galvanize and promote Indian Vision Science research. We thank the participating national and international researchers, members of the Vision Science Research Taskforce, and our supporters who have helped make the symposium a success,\" he added.

About India Vision Institute

India Vision Institute is an Indian not-for-profit nongovernmental organization (NGO) whose activities span the length and breadth of India, including in 20 states of the country. Our Eye See & I Learn and Eye See & I Work campaigns reach constituencies where services are lacking and most required – notably children and adults. IVI has undertaken over 1,100 vision screening programs in and around Chennai and other states in Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Mizoram, New Delhi, Odisha, Pondicherry, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. Over 375,000 individuals from the underprivileged communities (including around 300,000 children) have been screened and free spectacles distributed to 65,000 individuals (including 30,000 children). IVI also works to upgrading optometrists’ skills and building capacity and equip optometrists to cope with challenges in their careers. We organise advocacy, talks, education, skill enhancement, and leadership development programs.

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