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A blog competition for Eye care professionals.

The deadline to submit your entry is December 31, 2022

Play with your narrative words to make us feel your experience!

Pick any one among the below topics:


1.    A day at work or college that I still cherish.

2.    Attending University after lockdown.

3.    Things I wish I knew before graduation.

Submission Guidelines                               

Email your entries to [email protected]


Read the below guidelines carefully before submitting. Any entry that does not adhere to the below will be rejected.

1.     Plagiarism will not be accepted and will result in rejection of your entry

2.     Check your blog for grammar and spelling before submitting it.

3.     A panel will evaluate your entry (while concealing your personal information) based on your writing skills and how well you describe the   experience.

4.     No duplicate entries allowed.

    Document Format:

1.      Word Limit: Within 1000 words.

2.      Font: Arial (Regular, Black).

3.      Font Size: 12, Regular.

4.      Alignment: Justified.

5.      Spacing: 1.15.

6.      Include Page Numbers.

7.      Use bulleted points if necessary.

8.      Header should contain: Name of the author_qualification_Current Designation.

9.      File should be saved: Name_Topic.



    1. One winner will be chosen. 
    2. The winning blog will be posted on our social media pages with the winner's name, headshot, and also published in IVI's newsletter. 
    3. Winner will get a free registration to attend one of the sessions at IVI's  2023 eye health conferences.
    4. Winner will also receive an e-gift voucher worth INR 500.