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A national quiz organized by India Vision Institute (IVI) to unite Optometry practitioners, educators and students on a common platform and promote the need for continuous skill and knowledge enhancement.

The questions will encompass all major disciplines of optometry.

Eligibility: Optometry practitioners, educators and students.


The prize money the finalists win will be based on the number of correct answers. The maximum prize money will be INR 10,000.

All three selected finalists will receive a memento from IVI along with a certificate.


The IVI National Quiz will be held in three rounds, comprising a web and phone-in component, followed by a finalface-to-face round. Three finalists will be selected out of the qualifiers from first two rounds of quiz. Only one entry per person will be accepted


Web Component (2 DAYS):

·      10 different set of questions will be posted as a link on the IVI Facebook page on 07 & 08 Feb, 2020

·      Participants who missed the opportunity on 07th Feb can access the new set of questions on 08th Feb, 2020.

·      In case of multiple entries, the first entry by the participant will ONLY be considered

·      Participants with maximum number of correct answerswill be selected for the phone-in component of this round.

·      Every question carries one mark. 0.5 Negative marking is applied for every incorrect answer.

·      List of qualifiers will be announced on IVI Facebookpage and will also be notified through phone and email with instructions for the next component of this round.

Phone-in Component:

·      Selected participants will be asked 10 questions over phone at a pre-notified time.

·      Each question has to be answered within 10 seconds.

·      Every question carries one mark. 0.5 Negative marking is applied.

·      The participants will be notified 1 week prior to the date of the phone-in component.

·      If they fail to answer the call twice between 11.00 am – 04.00 pm on the day of the quiz, their eligibility stands cancelled.

·      Three finalists will be selected for the final round.

·      Name of the finalist will be announced on IVI Facebook page and they will also be contacted via phone and email.

Final round:

·      This will be a one-on-one round consisting of multiple levels with different patterns of questions.

·      Three finalists selected from the monthly rounds will participate.

·      Finalists will need to travel to a pre-decided venue.

·      IVI will bear the cost of travel (under the standard IVI procedures), food and accommodation of the finalists for one day and one night.

·      In case of an international finalist, participation can be via Skype call if necessary.


·      By participating in the competition, all participants warrant that they have read carefully and have fully understood the details of the program which is posted on IVI website.

·      Decisions made by IVI will be final and without appeal.

·      IVI reserves the right to disqualify any participant if it has reasonable grounds to believe that the participant has not fulfilled any of the above mentioned provisions.

·      IVI reserves the right to discontinue the quiz under unprecedented circumstances.

·      The quiz is not open to India Vision Institute and Essilor India Pvt Ltd staff.


“IVI acknowledges the support of Essilor India Pvt. Ltd. in funding the program”