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IVI - Essilor Optometry Wizard of the Year - 2022 National Quiz


 IVI - Essilor Optometry Wizard of the Year - 2022                  

National Quiz



The National Quiz organized by IVI in collaboration with Essilor India Pvt Ltd brings Optometry practitioners, educators and students on to a common platform, endorsing skill and knowledge. 

Objective: Encourage students to advance expertise and information upgrade in various aspects of Optometry.

Eligibility: All optometry educators, practitioners and students 

The IVI - Essilor Optometry Wizard of the Year 2022 will be held in three rounds. 

Round 1

Date: 7 & 8 April 2022

Mode: Online- Will be LIVE on Social Media Platforms for 2 days


  • Open to all, Questions for the round will be posted on IVI's social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) with a connection to google forms.

  • 1 entry per participant is accepted.

  • Qualified participants to Round 2 (Phone-In round) will be contacted on telephone.

Round 2

Date: 2 & 3 May 2022

Mode: Online- Phone-In


  • In Telephonic round, selected semi-finalists will be questioned over the phone at the pre-agreed time.

  • Based on the response, 4-6 participants will be shortlisted for the final round.

  • Qualified participant for Finale round will be announced on IVIs' Facebook page and also informed through Phone & Email.

Round 3

Date: To be Announced 

Mode: Offline


  • Finale will be conducted offline 

  • Destination of the finale will be decided based on the finalists location.

  • The top 3 winners will get cash prizes along with a memento.

  • Other finalists will receive a certificate


IVI acknowledges the support from Essilor India Pvt. Ltd for funding this program